Roof rehabilitation is essential because it is the constructive element that suffers most due to its outside exposure.

It is very important to know how to recognize a roof in bad condition and to act quickly and effectively to avoid major problems in the structure.

At Gorka Lomeña, we solve problems derived from lack of maintenance and we determine the most suitable system. An essential point, as not all roofs should be treated in the same way.

When contacting us, we will start from studying and determining the problem it has.

We will advise you personally to offer you the best alternative and we will draw up an estimate of the work to be carried out.

Our roofing professionals repair all problems of leaks, change beams in bad condition,

replace gutters, perform roof insulation and have different waterproofing techniques. If you

consider that your roof must be repaired, we can conduct a rehabilitation study and achieve

quality results.



The rehabilitation of a flat roof requires additional waterproofing and insulation work.

A timely rehabilitation of a flat roof is important to prevent excessive leaks and dampness from creating a “natural” pool.

What we do in these cases is to undertake correct waterproofing and drainage of the upper part ofthe building.


On sloping roofs, our job is to make a good roof covering in ceramic tiles. In the case of sloping roofs, waterproofing is necessary.


Sandwich panels are used especially in the industrial sector, in large storage facilities or sports centres.

They consist of two profiled steel sheets and have a high load-bearing capacity with a low weight. This creates long-lasting thermal insulation and it is used as a water and vapour barrier.

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