About us


Gorka Lomeña is a building company.

It was born with the objective of providing service for home renovation.

After 16 years of high quality works, Gorka Lomeña has become one of the reference companies in its sector.

Listening, understanding , agility and the capacity to mobilize all our know-how are the key to ensuring that our commercial and technical teams are reliable and fully committed.

We work meticulously to perfectly match your wishes and needs giving you the opportunity to reform your home and make it truly unique.

Our team believes that the reasons for its progression and evolution are due to the strength of the brand, the commitment to sustainability and above all to what has been with us since our origins: the obsession to satisfy our customers.

GL favours the use of high-performance and eco-innovative techniques for quality results and durability.


Contact us and one of our technicians will study your project.

We will advise you personally to offer you the best alternative and prepare an estimate for the work to be carried out.

When the numbers of the proposal fit you, we will go into more detail regarding the supplies and we will choose together all the materials and finishing touches in the construction warehouses with which we collaborate.

Once everything has been defined and chosen, it is time to start the work.


The technician is your main interlocutor, who will be at your disposal whenever you need him/her. You will have a weekly meeting and he/she will keep you informed at all times.

The site manager comes to your home every day and organizes the work with our builders and external workers with whom we work on a continuous basis.

What makes Gorka Lomeña a unique brand is not only the finish of the works, but also an exclusive relationship with his clients.


We create spaces intimately related to people, through good design, with respect and discipline, blending inspiration and functionality.

At Gorka Lomeña, we work on the principle of “Not being the only ones, we decided to be the best”, and that is why constant improvement and quality in our works are two of the most important pillars for us.

If you are willing to achieve the remodeling you have always dreamed of, come and visit us.We guarantee absolute quality.


We do not carry out any small-scale building work, and this was a difficult decision to make.

The management of a bathroom or a few masonry repairs would only stop us from being able to use this valuable time for the details of our ongoing work.



Our objective is to be one of the best renovation companies in the area. We are really close!


When you think about making your project a reality, we want you to say:

“I want GORKA LOMEÑA to carry it out! It is a safe value.”

We work with respect for the planet and people in mind.

We want to achieve leadership in a responsible, innovative and sustainable industry.

We innovate to adapt to new needs and to respond to the challenges of the moment.

Nobility, trust and honesty with our clients and collaborators.

Passion for our work.

The quality of the materials and systems.

We use commitment to our customers.

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